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  • heritage. Not only is the importance in the relation of tastes and class key to Lauren’s ‘Downton Abbey’ inspiration. But the aspects of heritage appeal to consumers as many enjoy to romanticise about the past and their own heritage, despite possibly gaining a distorted view. Many feel that their heritage represents who they are. And so feel an element of national pride when wearing the tweeds, br..coupon code

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  • more value on being identified correctly. As someone of a mixed heritage who only looks what can be considered white, it is nice when there is someone who says they can tell I am of a mixed heritage. However, I don't know if I place more value on it than those who are of a single race. I am proud of being of a mixed heritage and I'm not afraid to let that be known, even if I don't look like it. I liked being mixed and I think it is great more peo..coupon code